Adult Education

iStock_000012497344smallThe Man Jesus

Beginning February 16, Sam Bush will lead a three-week Sunday School series entitled “The Man Jesus.”

This series will take a look at some of the characteristics of Jesus that are particularly captivating or puzzling (or both). Jesus the Storyteller, Jesus the Fame Dodger, and Jesus the Healer are the three main characters of the series which has been designed to help us address the question: “Who do you say that I am?”

On March 9, Paul Walker will lead a class entitled “Never Give Up Beer for Lent!

Understanding How God Wired You: Fun with Personality Types and Birth Order

This 4 week series discussed the basics of the Myers-Briggs Personality theory as well as the impact of birth order, and how these things affect one’s self-esteem, relationships, and the way we relate to God and others.

Didn’t get a chance to attend? Check out a thorough outline of the series here.

The Ministry of Music

garage shot for samSam Bush, our Music Minister at Christ Church, led this three-week series on how God connects to us through music. The first week focused on worship at Christ Church, the second week focused on how rock ‘n roll relates to the gospel through our collective need for love and God as the embodiment of that love, and the third week presented The Garage.

October 6 // Why We Worship

October 13 // The Gospel According to Rock ‘n Roll

October 20 // The Garage: An Unexpected Ministry

The First Dysfunctional Families: Finding Grace in Old Testament Stories

In this four week series, Paul Walker teaches on how the timeless Old Testament Stories help us navigate the rigors of modern family life, using the Scripture, as well as the stories beautifully rendered in The Jesus Storybook Bible.

September 8- “The Terrible Lie” (Adam & Eve)

September 15- “The Present” (Abraham & Isaac)

September 22- “The Girl No One Wanted” (Jacob & Rachel & Leah)

September 29- “The Forgiving Prince” (Joseph & his brothers)

The Gospel and SeinfeldSeinfeld-Cast-seinfeld-43506_1024_853

Summer is almost here, and we thought we’d take a fun detour for our final two adult education hours of the year and look at some of the themes in everybody’s favorite “show about nothing,” Seinfeld. Join us in the Gibson room on Sunday, May 12 and May 19, during the adult education hour (10 a.m.-11 a.m.), to see if we can find a little resonance with the Christian message (Clue: the Gospel addresses no one more directly than George Costanza!). Dave Zahl (DZ) will give a short presentation, we’ll watch some clips, and talk about them. Only requirement is a sense of humor.

Business Ethics After the Great Recession: A Conversation with Fellow Christians

April 7 ­        Introduction to Business Ethics and Connections to Christianity

April 14       (There will be a one week interlude from the series during which Dave Johnson will teach on the resurrection.)

April 21 ­      Understanding Moral Evil in the World


Andrew Wicks, Ruffin Professor of Business at The Darden School of Business, UVA. Andy has a PHD in Religious Ethics from UVA; has taught business ethics for 21 years and has worked with a variety of graduate students, executives and companies in the US and internationally.


So, when I hear the subject of business ethics come up in conversation, what comes to mind ­ other than a series of bad jokes (e.g. “must be a short course”)? What is our perspective on a topic like this, both in a moment when general public trust in business is low, and from our perspective as Christians? Why do we opt to pray as a congregation for people who go off on a Missions Trip, but do nothing for a young person going off to pursue a job in the private sector? In this adult ed class, we will spend time trying to better understand what business ethics is, why it may be important, and how a Christian point of view may shed light on how we think about business.

Practical Grace in the Final Stages of Life

Click on the title to listen to a lecture from this Lenten Adult Education series designed to help us and those we love prepare for end of life issues.

Feb. 17       “Understanding Grace in Death”

                     The Rev. Dr. Dave Johnson

Feb. 24       “Wills, Estates, Medical Directives and More”

                     Mr. Rick Carter, JD. Partner, Zunka, Milner and Carter

Mar. 3         “How to Care for the Dying”

                      Ms. Becky Scholl, RN, Hospice of the Piedmont

Mar. 10       “Dealing with Loss and Grief”

                      Larry French, Virginia Center for Family Relations, PC

Mar. 17       “What to Know about Funerals, Obituaries, and Interments”

                      The Rev. Paul N. Walker

Every Sunday from September through May, adult education is offered from the hour of 10-11AM (between services) in the Gibson Room on the bottom floor of the church. Courses generally run 4-6 weeks, and topics range from church history and bible study to Christian themes in literature and film to family life and relationships. Not to be missed! And watch this space for the schedule of classes.

Once the courses are done, we will try to post the notes for you to download. For example, Dave Johnson prepared an amazing booklet called “Christian Belief” that is used for Christ Church confirmation classes. It’s great resource even if you’ve already been confirmed.

In addition to the Sunday morning classes, each Fall and Spring we offer dinner courses on Wednesday evenings that run for either four or six weeks. Two of the most recent include: