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How many messages do we hear everyday? For those of us who still watch TV the old fashioned way, we must sit through advertisements. On the computer we face pop-ups and side bars. As we drive along the road there are billboards and signs. But then, there are so many messages that are not strictly advertisements. There are current events and social media. There are implicit messages from the people around us, even the ones we like and love. And then, there are the messages we hear from those people who do not care for us. So often we hear messages of fear, inadequacy, pressure, insecurity, guilt and things like these. With these crude tools, people are often wanting you and me to buy things or to do things for them. These messages tell us to be something more or something different from who we are.

How many of these messages do we hear everyday? Hundreds? Thousands? And then, what about those messages we give ourselves? Daily I find the endless monologue inside my head just adding the pressures, the guilt trips and the feelings of insufficiency. It’s enough to make one despair.

But God. He does not want us to buy things or to do things for Him. He came into this world of ours to do things for us, and He has done an amazing work. He healed the sick. He preached good news to the poor. He sacrificed Himself for us. He gives us security, relief, love and every good gift in this life. This is our message that we cannot hear often enough. This is our good news, which we need to be reminded of more than just once on Sundays.

And so we are ministering to teenagers at Christ Church here in Charlottesville. Amidst all the mixed messages of confusion and hate, we tell our young men and women, who are struggling through adolescence, that they are loved and forgiven, that they have more than reason to hope, that God has come to help us daily, hourly, in every moment. We often forget, and so we say again and again this good message of Jesus who staked his life on the cross for us to have an abundant life of joy and peace. Thanks be to God.