Our high school group consists of 9th-12th graders from all the Charlottesville schools: CHS & Monticello; Albemarle & Western; Covenant & STAB. We’re even proud of our boarders at Woodberry and VES. We understand that high school is not for the faint of heart. School is tough. Friends can be mean. There’s so much to worry about. And yet. There’s so much good news waiting to enter the life of teenagers. We hope to help with that, largely by beginning lifelong relationships between our teenagers and our youth leaders and also by often visiting the life and words of Our Savior Jesus. To hear this Good News, we have a weekly youth group gathering, occasional fun events, service opportunities, and a summer mission trip.

Sunday Night Youth Group

Our weekly offering for high schoolers is our HS Youth Group gathering after the 5pm service every Sunday, 6:15-8:00pm in the youth room. Dinner is provided, so come hungry for your daily bread and the bread of life! Fun, fellowship and bible study are the staples of each week’s meeting.


Summer Mission Trip

Every summer we are very excited to take our high school youth group on a mission trip. The past few years, we did the long drives to Denver and New Orleans, enjoyed the short drive to Chattanooga and also an easy flight to Jamaica. These mission trips are the highlight of the year for our youth group. Great friends. Life changing experiences. If you are in high school, the summer mission trip is not-to-miss. We’ll announce in November the dates and location of our 2017 summer mission!

High School Wintergreen Retreat

While the Mission Trip is the one not-to-miss, we hope our high schoolers also join us for our Retreat to Wintergreen. This weekend is always one of refreshment, refreshed by the message of God’s grace, refreshed by time with friends, refreshed by a couple days away from our over-scheduled weeks.


Other HS happenings

Keep your eyes on our calendar for other opportunities for service or fun. Throughout the year, we help Charlottesville organizations Habitat for Humanity and PACEM. We’ve been known to take trips to Richmond or Virginia Beach or even Waynesboro. We’d love for you to join us, so keep your eyes on our Upcoming Events Calendar!