Opportunities Beyond Charlottesville

Haiti Mission Foundation Medical Mission Trips

Haiti is a beautiful land that the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, whose people struggle with the basic necessities of clean water, food, shelter and medical care. In 1985, the Tovar Medical Clinic was opened by The Haiti Mission Foundation in order to serve the rural population of Grison Garde, with a population of about 60,000. All volunteer medical teams travel from the U.S. to the clinic four times per year. These teams are composed of physicians, dentists, nurses and lay volunteers who provide the medical, dental, pre-natal, pediatric and nutritional care. Between team trips, the clinic is staffed by a Haitian physician and nurses to ensure ongoing medical supervision. Christ Church’s goal is to send parishioners on each of the four trips: January, April, July and October. This includes medical well as non-medical volunteers who take vital signs and support the medical team. The cost is $1200, which includes airfare, food and accommodations, contribution for the medical supplies and transportation within Haiti. If you are interested, please contact Rector Paul Walker paul@christchurchcville.org or Assoc, Rector Marilu Thomas Marilu@christchurchcville.org

Ford Senior Living Housing Project, Grison Garde, Haiti

The Senior living housing at Grison-Garde is entirely a product of the hopes of community elders that spurred a building project developed by Dr. Ray Ford of Charlottesville. Haiti does not have the infrastructure necessary to care for seniors so the community, together with Dr. Ford, has built a small village that provides housing, food, and companionship to the aged population. Christ Church will participate in our first Senior Housing building project from January 14-21, 2017. We have limited participant space so if you are interested, please contact Assoc. Rector Marilu Thomas Marilu@christchurchcville.org as soon as possible.

Honduras Mission

Each year, travelers from Christ Church go to San Pedro Sula, Honduras to work alongside members of San José de la Montaña Episcopal Church. The team also stays at Our Little Roses Girls School and Orphanage. This dual focus mission trip allows any level of skill or ability to find a mission fit, from working on a building project, to playing jump rope in the evenings. In the past several years, Christ Church missioners have helped build a kitchen, a chicken coop, a tortilleria, and a sacristy. We will be going to Honduras from April 1-1-8, 2017. We will have an information session in Fall 2016 and deadline for registering will be November 30, 2016. Contact Rev. Marilu Thomas for more information.