On Friday September 28th and Saturday the 29th, Christ Church hosted the Fall Mockingbird Conference. As you may know, Mockingbird is a resource and media ministry headed up by our very own David Zahl, devoted to connecting the Gospel of Grace with the realities of everyday life. If you’re not a reader of their website, www.mbird.com, we highly recommend you become one! Mockingbird also holds bi-annual conferences around the country, and this was their first time doing so in Virginia. The theme of the event is “Hope Amidst the Ruins”, and the main speakers were RJ Heijmen, Matthew Sitman and Paul Zahl. There were also a number of breakout sessions run by members of Christ Church staff, on topics ranging from Grace with Daughters and Sons to the Life and Work of William Faulkner to the Music of the Beach Boys to the Pros and Cons of Social Media to the TV of HBO. We could not be more thrilled with how the whole event went. A major thank you to everyone who helped put it on!

To download or listen to the recordings of the event, click here!


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