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What’s Happening at Christ Church? The Rector’s Broadcast – Sept 13, 2020

Christ Church Family, before your very eyes is your invitation to tune in for “What’s Happening At Christ Church? – The Rector’s Broadcast”. Please join Paul, Marilu, Josh, Dave and Paul Z from 10 – 11 this Sunday, September 13th using this link. They will be live and in-person (well, in-person via Zoom) to let you know all the encouraging and exciting things that are happening at your church. 

We will have pictures! A sneak peak at our new Welcome Video! Live Music!  A quick tour of our updated Website! We will give updates on worship, ministry opportunities, money, and more. We will have news about upcoming staff hires as well as updates on future ordained ministers from Christ Church (God-willing and the people consenting.)

We will have real time Q and A and do our best to answer your questions, such as, “Once upon a time did we really go to church?” and “Will we ever go to church again?” and “Wait, I seem to remember that there was never any place to park – has that changed?” (Quick answer to #3: No.)

We will also have our pre-recored service (this time Holy Communion) that you will find on our Youtube Channel.

We hope you will be able to join us! God continues to be faithful and trustworthy, even and especially when all else is in question. As our scripture tells us, “The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; His mercies never comes to an end.” Tune in to find out how this is true for the church we all love!