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The Amen Bible Study

As in, “Amen to that!”

A New Bible Study for Women and Men of all Ages, starting this Thursday on Zoom from 7-8:15pm.

In response to demand, we are offering a bible study using the recently published book on the psalms, Open and Unafraid by W.David O. Taylor. Studying the psalms during a pandemic seems a no brainer—and this book offers a great way to engage the psalms in a memorable and meaningful way by looking at honesty, history, community, justice and other themes found in the psalter. You may ask, where is Jesus in the psalms? Not only do we find Jesus in the psalms, but we find the psalms in Jesus throughout the New Testament, including at the cross. We will also be considering conversations between Eugene Peterson and Bono on the relevance of the psalter to the Christian life. 

You can order the book on via or Amazon (it is only available in hardback and kindle right now). New Dominion bookstore has also ordered some if you want to support local stores. Local Christian Bookstore Sycamore Tree may also have copies, and can order one for. you. For the first meeting, we will be screen sharing and will digitize the first chapter to give to you, so don’t worry if you don’t have the book.  

Email Marilu at or call 434-327-2464 for more info. Looking forward to seeing you!