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Dear Christ Church Family,

Generally we soft-peddle our “Stewardship Campaign” for our upcoming annual budget, relying on God’s provision rather than a slick and finely choreographed appeal for pledges. This pandemic year is no different. We preach the grace of God here at Christ Church - we won’t rely on guilting people for pledges!

I will just ask you give as you are able this year. We have reduced our 2021 budget in anticipation of the economic fallout of the pandemic. Many of us have been adversely affected. And yet, many of been mercifully sheltered from the damage. If you find yourself in the position to give, do please pledge with robust generosity. Please see our Senior Warden’s excellent stewardship letter below. To make a confidential pledge, simply call (293-2347) or email Marcy Hooker at our church office. To pledge online, simply click this link. Gratefully Yours, Paul
Paul Walker